Part of the current changing paradigm in education is a fast-growing movement towards home education in South Africa (and worldwide). A number of educational expo’s are organized through the course of the year, in order to make it easier for people to obtain information about their interests in this regard. This includes:

  • People that are interested in home-schooling,
  • Prospective home education families,
  • Existing home schoolers,
  • Home learners who want a matric qualification, and
  • Young adults of home-schooling background looking for further or tertiary education.



Currently the following expo’s are presented:

  • Gauteng Education Expo,
  • CHE Education Expo (in the Cape),
  • KragDag Opvoedkunde Sub-Ekspo (Pretoria), and
  • KwaZulu-Natal Education Expo (from 2018).

The expo’s are usually organized as a collaboration between the Home Education Association, a local/provincial home education group and KragDag (which deals with bookings and administrative management).

It is the purpose of homeschoolexpo.co.za to introduce information about these expos.

The educational expos are organized and hosted by: