The expos listed on this website are usually organized as a joint endeavor between a local or provincial homeschool group, SA Homeschoolers and KragDag, as the responsible entity for managing administration and logistics.

SA Homeschoolers is a well-known name in the homeschooling community of South Africa, empowering parents to choose the best education for their children. The website (www.sahomeschoolers.org) went live in January 2011 and has since then been established as the most comprehensive independent website on homeschooling in South Africa. Fair Lady wrote in an article on homeschooling: “…so many people recommended the SA Homeschoolers website that I’ve included it in the piece as a trusted resource for people wanting more information.” The website is supported by and integrated with a Facebook Page and a Youtube channel.

KragDag (www.kragdag.co.za) is the event organizers working with SA Homeschoolers on organizing the provincial home education expos in South Africa since 2013. Initially an annual Expo was organized in Johannesburg only, but it grew until they hosted the KZN, Cape Town and Gauteng expos in 2019. KragDag also hosts the yearly KragDag alternative energy and self-sustainability expo, 20km East of Pretoria. In 2019 this expo attracted 21 400 visitors and 440 exhibitors.