KragDag Opvoedkunde Sub-Ekspo 2020


                Thursday – Saturday 18 – 20 March 2021 (8:00 – 17:00) (Subject to change due to Covid-19 rules and                 regulations)


                KragDag Grounds (Rhenosterfontein 514 JR Gedeelte B, Cullinan Distrik, 1001)


                R100 per adult – children up to 18 years old are free. Registrations open 1 July 2020.
                Access is free if you register on www.kragdag.co.za beforehand.

More about the KragDag Opvoedkunde Sub-ekspo:
                With the motto of “Do Your Own Thing!”, KragDag focuses on a liberating life style through                 independent and sustainable solutions that discard with dependence on state-supported                 networks. Renewable energy and related issues play a key role in this regard, but it also provides for                 other aspects that enables a life of self preservation and self determination. Here you will find                 solutions to the challenges of energy, water, safety, health, food, education and creative                 entrepreneurial living. The Education Sub-expo receives special attention at KragDag. Unlike the                 other educational expo’s listed on this site, the educational exhibitions at KragDag are not limited to                 the home education market. In addition, this opportunity also offers access to a new market of                 people who would not go out of their way to visit an educational expo. For more information visit                 www.kragdag.co.za.