Gauteng Expo & Africa Conference – 2019


                Thursday – Saturday 17 –  19 October 2019 (9:00 – 17:00) for the Africa Home Education Conference

                Saturday 19 October 2019 (9:00 – 15:00) for the Gauteng Home Education Expo


                Brainline Campus (215 Veronica Rd, Montana, Pretoria)

Africa Homeschooling Conference and Gauteng Expo

                This is the first time this year that South Africa will host the Africa Home Education Conference                 (GHEI Africa), which will be held in conjunction with the Gauteng Home Education Expo from 17-19                 October in Pretoria. During the three days of the conference, several international and local                 speakers will perform. There will also be various activities for children on the premises such as                 horse riding, horse riding school demonstrations, film screenings, jumping castles, obstacle course,                 swimming, diving demonstrations, cooking and cake decorating, first aid demonstrations,                 self-defense demonstrations, marble track competitions and live music performances.

                Junior Entrepreneurs can also showcase their business or sell their products during the event – for                 more information contact Joey (joey@kragdag.co.za or 087 231 1644).

                Provision is made for various home education exhibitions in the premises’ gardens on Thursday and                 Friday while the full expo exhibition takes place on Saturday 19 October. Admission for children up                 to 18 years is free while the gate fee is R70 per adult (R35 if you buy your ticket in advance – you can                 register HERE). Attending one or all of the three days of the African Conference lectures costs R100                 per person (you can register HERE) and this includes admission to the expo on Saturday.


                Enquiries: 087 231 1644 | expo@tuisskolers.org

More about the African Homeschool Conference:

                For more information visit www.ghex.africa.

Exhibitor List:

                For a list of the exhibitors from 2019, click here.


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African Home School Conference and Gauteng Home School Expo Program

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