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In South Africa and worldwide, we are observing a changing paradigm on education. In reflecting on the future readiness of their children and taking on self-responsibility, more and more parents are moving away from state-run education to other alternatives. This is especially evident in the fast-growing movement towards homeschooling – South Africa is among the top five countries in the world with regard to homeschooling numbers.

The above had already been the case before Covid-19, but across the world lockdown states have exposed families to a homeschooling experience overnight – some just for the duration of forced containment, but there are also several that have indicated that they will continue with it, at least for the rest of 2020.

There is currently a great need for information on dealing with emergency home education to finish this year, until the situation may have normalized to the extent that children can (possibly) resume their school attendance next year. However, we can also expect that a large number of families will never return to the pre-corona dispensation.

Throughout the year, several alternative education expos are offered to provide information to new interested parties, prospective homeschooling families, existing homeschoolers, homeschoolers seeking a matriculation qualification, and young adults from homeschooling families seeking tertiary or other further education.

This year, an online education expo is being organized for the very first time in South Africa. This , of course, presents some restrictions as compared to the benefits of a physical expo, but we are particularly excited about the opportunities that are unlocked – online and virtual have no limits!

Following the Africa Home Education Indaba, of which we were co-organizers last year, we will, apart from families in South Africa, also serve the rest of Africa with the online expo. It also offers us the opportunity to provide exhibitors with the benefit of international speakers, expertise and involvement.

Another new initiative for this year is the fact that the Gauteng Expo planned for October 2020, will for the first time not only be a homeschooling expo, but will be expanded to provide for any alternative (not state) education. It therefore includes private schools, tertiary institutions and even child development support services.

Upcoming Expo’s

KragDag Education Sub-Expo 2022

Date: Thusday – Saturday 11 – 13 August 2022 (8:00 – 17:00)
Place: KragDag Grounds (Rhenosterfontein 514 JR Gedeelte B, Cullinan Distrik, 1001)
Cost: R100 per adult (Children up to 18 years are free)
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CHE (Cape Town) Home Education Expo 2022

Date: Saturday 1 October 2022 (09:00 – 15:00)
Place: The Woodmill (Vredenburg Rd, Devonvallei, Stellenbosch)
Cost: R80 per adult ( Children up to 18 years are free)
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Gauteng Alternative Education Expo 2022

Date: Saturday 2 April 2022 (9:00 – 15:00)
Place: Heartfelt Arena (1000 Voortrekker Rd, Thaba Tshwane, Pretoria)
Cost:  R80 per adult (Children up to 18 years are free)
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KwaZulu-Natal Home Education Expo 2022

Date: Saturday 14 May 2022 (9:00 – 15:00)
Place: Hillside Church (39 Inanda Road Albany, Hillcrest, Durban)
Cost:  R80 per adult (Children up to 18 years are free)
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Online Home Education Expo – Africa

Place: Online
The Online Home Education Expo we held in October 2020 for the first time, will also soon be changed into a permanent online expo though out the year. Keep an eye out.