CHE (Kaapstad) Lys van Uitstallers – 2019

A+ Students (2019)
Chantal Dabrowski / Ghita Rix
072 927 6115 / 083 298 8660
A+Students is a Japanese method of education that teaches children as young as 2 ½ (30 months) to develop problem solving skills through our constant arithmetic system. We start with teaching the abacus system and additionally have a whole range of A+ Play maths products to learn through play including Cambridge and Oxford curriculum math concepts. A⁺Students is powerful brain development and it aims to improve concentration and boosts self-confidence, improves intelligence as well as creating a love for Maths.

Accelerated Christian Education (2019)
Customer Experience Centre
087 820 4858
The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme is one of the core product offerings of Accelerated Education Enterprises and has been used with great success since 1984 in over 250 private schools and 1500 home schools in South Africa. The programme is aligned with the South African school curriculum, focuses on a values based, individualised approach that nurtures your child’s unique talents, by promoting character building, reasoning skills, accountability and goal setting.

Act Cape Town (2019)
Candice Poole
083 266 1050 / 021 419 7007
Film Acting Academy, offering accredited qualifications and short courses in acting for camera.

Active Home Education Institute (2019)
Fay Muller
021 988 7282 / 082 468 6482
Online Curriculum for the American High School Diploma.

Barton Reading and Spelling System (2019)
Kendyll Carle
063 940 1451
Specialised Reading Support, using the gold standard in reading remediation established in the US. Proven to be the most effective approach for teaching struggling readers. Remote tutoring and one-on-one lessons offered.

Blombos Uitgewers (2019)
Linda Nothnagel
082 577 3176

Brainline Learning World (2019)
Coleen Cronje
012 543 5000 / 082 577 7942
Aanlyn Afstand onderrig graad R- 12.

British International Distance College (2019)
Didier Kapinga
011 706 7775
Distance education in the high school level. Cambridge Curriculum.

CambriLearn (2019)
Hugo Mendes
010 020 8571
Virtual Cambridge International Curriculum school.

Casio Calculators (2019)
Merrick James
021 782 9573 / 072 793 4806
Calculators (basic & Scientific), training and support materials for using the calculator.

Christian Liberty Books (2019)
Nick Collins
021 689 7478 / 074 691 6996
Bob Jones University and Christian Liberty Press curricula, and other Christian Books.

Corne Naude (2019)
Corne Naude
083 658 5238
Career councelling. Life coach.

Creation Ministries International (2019)
Robert Zins
021 979 0107
Distributor of Apologia science curriculum, Creation magazine, creation books and DVDs.

Cultivating Excellence Tutor Centre (2019)
Jennifer Lawrence
082 312 1904

Die Witjassies / Little Lab Coats (2019)
Trix Riedemann
082 093 4293
Die Witjassies is ‘n buitemuurse program vir kinders van 5 tot 12. Ons doen opwindende eksperimente en ontdek die wonderlike wêreld van Wetenskap. / Little Lab Coats is an extra curricular programme aimed at kids between 5 and 12 years. We do exciting experiments and discover the wonderful world of Science.

Dynamis Institute/ Uncapped Education (2019)
Martie du Plessis
082 574 1433
Empowering families to act in the interest of their children. Provide Uncapped Education: an educational design with the aim to develop children in an nonrestrictive environment. It is proposal to bring forth young people that is transformed into purpose-filled maturity and strengthening society.

Edublox (2019)
Carine du Pisanie
082 469 6883 / 021 976 7719
Edublox reading and learning clinics specialize in educational interventions comprising of cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension and maths. Visit www.edublox.co.za for more information.

Educ8 SA (2019)
Haelene Van der Walt
084 685 2138
Online Learning Programs Pre-GED , GED and Career Studies.

Footprints on our Land (2019)
Wendy Young
082 901 8686
Footprints On Our Land offers homeschooling families 3 different programs for ages 4 – 16 years. We use a Charlotte Mason styled living books curriculum to help you teach.

FutureLab Educational Services (2019)
Tyron Nel
071 674 4486
Robotics and coding classes.

Games4Brains (2019)
Natascha Brown
083 556 0406
Educational Games.

Iconic (2019)
Connie Skelton
021 782 9573 / 082 775 7379
The ICONIC Mental Maths books range from Grade R to Grade 9 and cover the entire Maths curriculum. They are available in English and Afrikaans. The fully-integrated ICONIC Comprehension books have 160 exercises that cover the entire curriculum and are available from Level R to 7. They are available in Afrikaans as ICONIC Leesbegrip. The ICONIC ABC for Life Anti-Bullying Course has activities and exercises that promotes kindness and values. ICONIC also markets a full range of LaserCut Wizard Maths, Fractions, Spelling Kits and Spel Bokse. You are invited to make an ICONIC difference in education now!

Idea Digital Education (2019)
Marcienne Koenig
078 706 7427
We have created an outcome-driven, core curriculum, easily accessible digital content solution that is focused on english-second-language students at a low cost so that all students can work through self-paced and self-directed content. We offer Science, English and Mathematics for K12 students as well as accredited professional development for educators. Our STEM and professional learning digital products bring a global best. education to local curriculum challenges and ensure there is a localized and personalized education journey that maps to global education standards.

Ifeelgames (2019)
Shontell Fiet
078 049 7399
Emotional Intelligence games in English and Afrikaans.

Impaq (2019)
Marike Becker
082 510 5519
Impaq provides a comprehensive set of educational products based on a CAPS aligend curriculum for Grades R- 12 in English and Afrikaans. Our curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualised learning and are used to educate learners at home.

Imperial International College (2019)
Shane Drower-Copley
083 694 1368 / 011 465 6049
Imperial International College (IIC) is an online learning institution that offers comprehensive support to students wishing to write their International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications, which are recognized by tertiary institutions worldwide. We are not a registered Cambridge center however our courses are all aligned to their syllabi and fully prepare students for their final International GCSE and AS-Level examinations.

Jade Education (2019)
Lorde Kgope
011 264 2425 / 072 338 8843
Official distributors of Singapore Maths, English and Science books in South Africa. We also distribute teaching resources.

KinetiX (2019)
Zelda Louw
082 826 3600 / 083 359 7325
Physical education programs.

Knowledge Thirst Media (2019)
Karabo Pholla
011 702 3332 / 083 979 8273
Books supplier – Math, Science and English.

Love2Learn Curriculum (2019)
Marc Ries
011 465 6049
Our paramount goal is to bring life to learning as we equip families and educators to raise children of good character, who are fully empowered with 21st CENTURY SKILLS – critical thinkers and problem solvers – able to take their place in the world of today – and of tomorrow. Maturing into Godly men and women of faith and love, who seek justice and love mercy; the hope-bearers committed and equipped to create a better world, a people set apart for God’s purposes!

Macmillan Education (2019)
Sonya Charles
011 731 3417 / 082 412 5373
Macmillan Education South Africa is a world class educational content and service provider. As a trusted publishing brand in South Africa, we support learners, teachers and institutions through a lifetime of learning by providing them with content in the most relevant, engaging and flexible formats.

Meandering Mzansi (2019)
Ursula Wilbraham
082 879 4853
South African Geography curriculum for home schooled children, ages 9 to 14.

Muslim Mums Homeschooling (2019)
Carimah Fataar
082 824 7232
Islamic support.

NB Plublishers (2019)
Shamala Stoffels
021 406 2862 / 021 406 3033
Exhibiting learner teacher support material.

Nukleus Onderwys (2019)
Lezanne Conradie
016 931 1727
Nukleus onderwys bied ’n afstandsonderrig program van Graad R tot 12. Einde Graad 12 verwerf suksesvolle leerders die Nasionale senior sertifikaat wat hulle toelating gee tot verdere studies.

Oakfields College (2019)
Lindsay de Smidt
021 850 0383
We offer tertiary education (post matric). Courses we offer include: Animation, Drama, Film, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Make up and Special Effects, Marketing Management, Photography, PR and Event Management, Sound Engineering.

ORT SA CAPE (2019)
Janet Bruwer
021 448 8516 / 072 283 1647
We offer robotics classes for homeschooling children, ages 6 to 14.

Oxford University Press South Africa (2019)
Danielle Carls
021 596 2568
Textbooks, dictionaries, atlases, readers, study guides and other learning and teaching material in print and digital format.

Pearson Institute (2019)
Liezel Burger
021 914 8000 / 072 343 0070
Private Higher Education.

Pestalozzi Trust (2019)
Karin van Oostrum
012 330 1337
Regsfonds vir Tuis-en Gemeenskapsonderwys: ‘n Geregistreerde weldaadsorganisasie wat die regte en belange beskerm van sy lede, wat kinders in tuis- en kleinskoolonderwys opvoed. Vir die nodige inligting, ondersteuning en gemoedsrus.

Radikids (2019)
Soekie Krog
082 905 8879
Ons voorsien multimedia produkte vir gesinne om kinders geestelik te laat groei.

SA ToyTrade (2019)
Francisca Olivier
021 919 0933 / 079 602 5854
Opvoedkundige speelgoed. / Educational Toys.

SA Memory Institute (2019)
Jaco van Vuuren
021 979 2225 / 073 017 6662
Leervaardighede en Studietegnieke / Learning skills and Study techniques.

SciBuddy (2019)
Arista Burke
073 772 0312
Foldscope is an affordable, paper microscope designed in the US. The origami-style microscope is durable, portable, and able to give optical quality similar to conventional research microscopes (magnification of 140× and 2 μm resolution). Foldscopes can be coupled to a smart phone to view and take photos using the phone’s camera.

Swim Hub (2019)
Simon Conradie
082 560 6297
Swem skool.

The Golf School of Excellence (TGSE) (2019)
Maryke Bartlett
060 960 5914
A full-time programme where learners combine intensive high performance golf training with quality school education. Students can choose between studying the international Cambridge system or South African CAPS system. The education is a hybrid of traditional and modern techniques, with full tutor support in supervised classes. This unique approach provides excellent academic support, whilst providing young golfers with the flexibility to adapt their study time The students split their days between the classroom, the range, the gym and the golf course.

Theocentric Christian Education (2019)
Graham Shortridge
021 557 7999
Material from Gr.0 through Gr.11, to IGCSE & AS or Cambridge. Structured with exams and help line.

Think Digital College (2019)
Vicky Moraitis
082 441 3374
Online curriculum providers for CAPS or Cambridge from Grade R/ Stage-R -Grade 12/AS Levels. CAPS also available in Afrikaans.

ToetenTaal Afrikaanse Taalkuns (2019)
Erika Nöthnagel
079 522 5106
Die literatuurgebasseerde taalprogram wat met algemene kennis integreër om Afrikaans op die LEKKER manier te leer! Vir kinders tussen 9 – 16 jaar.

Toy Genie (2019)
Annelize Pretorius
083 753 5153
Imported educational products.

Toys @ PINEHURST (2019)
Henriette Brown
082 993 8277
The vision for us is to carry a wide range of educational and classic toys for children to benefit while still having FUN. We specifically do not stock guns, electronics and anything that may be perceived violent. Our major brand are Melissa & Doug , JECO , LEGO.

YouCanDoMaths / YouCanDoScience (2019)
Gerda / Linda
082 905 5522 / 083 280 3782
www.youcandomaths.co.za / www.youcandoscience.co.za
Affordable and quality online maths for grades 7 – 12. / Affordable and quality online science for grades 10 – 12.