Gauteng Lys van Uitstallers – 2019

3D PrintersOnline (2019)
Mike Bondi
012 991 8704 / 082 330 2393
3d Printing design, builds, classes, electronics classes.

3P Learning (2019)
Frank Longwitz
011 706 8959 / 082 809 8740
3P Learning is a global leader in online education that supports blended learning. Our learning resources are developed for schools and families, covering mathematics, spelling, literacy, science, and online safeguarding education. Our brands are Mathletics, Mathseeds, Spellodrome, Reading Eggs, WordFlyers, Stemcopes SCIENCE, and Gooseberry Planet.
We are a global team of passionate education solution providers and proud to have been improving the learning outcomes and sparking a love of learning in millions of children around the world.

Abacus Maths (2019)
Carin Kruger
079 884 4916
Japanese Abacus (Soroban) training for children to lay a mathematical foundation.

Accelerated Christian Education (2019)
Customer Experience Centre
087 820 4858
The Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme is one of the core product offerings of Accelerated Education Enterprises and has been used with great success since 1984 in over 250 private schools and 1500 home schools in South Africa. The programme is aligned with the South African school curriculum, focuses on a values based, individualised approach that nurtures your child’s unique talents, by promoting character building, reasoning skills, accountability and goal setting.

AmaniYah publishers (2019)
Marie Roos
014 592 6083 / 071 641 3355
Great value CAPS workbooks from Grade 1-12, Physical Science, Life Science, Mathematics, Afrikaans Gr 1, English Gr 1, Technology.

BK Publishing (2019)
Nadine Lombard
012 342 5347
Supernova and Highlights are general interest magazines of the highest educational standard for children between the ages of 2 and 15. Through this print magazine we aim to make children aware of issues which affect them, their community and their environment, and give them the tools and inspiration to become active and responsible world citizens. The content of the magazines is fun and informative, focusing on topics such as ecology, natural sciences, technology, history and world cultures, as well as arts, sports and social issues. The magazines also loosely follow and enhances the school curriculum, and is used extensively by teachers and home-schooling parents as a teaching resource.

BrainAbility Cognitive Development Centres (2019)
Dalena van der Westhuizen
012 345 1541 / 082 4488 221
LEARN EASIER. THINK FASTER. PERFORM BETTER. With a faster, smarter brain, life is easier. As part of the biggest one-on-one cognitive development organisation in the world, our business is founded on the science of Neuroplasticity – the brain’s lifelong ability to grow and change no matter how old you are. Your brain can increase existing neural pathways and even create new ones. This means the way you think, learn, remember, read and pay attention is not set in stone, but can be changed and improved.

Brainline Learning World (2019)
Coleen Cronje
012 543 5000 / 082 577 7942
Aanlyn Afstand onderrig graad R- 12.

British International Distance College (2019)
Didier Kapinga
011 706 7199
Distance education in the high school level. Cambridge Curriculum.

Briza Publikasies (2019)
Marissa Meyer
012 329 3896 / 076 510 3002
Boeke oor natuur, plantkunde, fauna & flora, natuurgidse, veldbestuur en ons Klankleser produkte wat die leser toelaat om klank uit boeke te ontsluit – tesame met ons nuwe ‘The Talking Dictionary’ – ‘n audio visuele woordeboek wat lesers help om hul woordeskat uit te brei – in 7 Suid Afrikaanse nationale tale!

Cambridge University Press (2019) 
Christina Naidoo
011 312 8678 / 082 943 1553
Cambridge Primary Resources.

CambriLearn (2019)
Hugo Mendes
010 020 8570/1 / 074 172 3517
Virtual Cambridge International Curriculum School.

Christian Liberty Books (2019)
Greg Pereira
021 689 7478 / 083 798 7360
Bob Jones University and Christian Liberty Press curriculum and other Christian materials and books.

Clever Child (2019)
Egbert van der Westhuizen
083 400 7075
Opvoedkundige uitgewery en veskaffer van alle opvoedkundige hulpmiddele.

Compass Academy of Learning (2019)
Daleen Janse van Rensburg
015 491 8225 / 082 649 6847
Compass Academy of Learning is your one-stop resource, equip and training partner. We supply educational solutions from accredited post-matric courses to professional learner support from Grade R to Adults (includes Irlen screening and solutions and, Reading and Comprehension Skills Development).

Die Afrikaanse Protestantse Akademie (2019)
Albertus Breytenbach
012 344 3960 / 082 960 1034
Privaat Afrikaanse tersiere onderrig en opleiding met ‘n sterk Christelike grondslag vir predikante, onderwysers en sielkundiges.

EDRO – Education Robots (2019)
Desirê Schabort
082 875 5884
EDRO leer die beginsels van programmering deur van robotte gebruik te maak. Probleemoplossingsvaardighede asook toegepaste wiskunde vorm deel van die EDRO kurrikulum vir Graad R-8 leerlinge. Kontak ons gerus vir EDRO Robokodering werkswinkels en/of akademie vir jou tuisskool.

Edublox (2019)
Johan Muller
015 291 4099 / 082 090 6179
Edublox specialises in educational interventions comprising of cognitive training, reading, spelling, comprehension and maths.

Educ8 SA (2019)
Haelene Van Der Walt
084 685 2138
Online Learning Programs Pre-GED , GED and Career Studies

Education Platform (2019)
Andre Erasmus
083 441 5805 / 079 874 5659
Drie-dimensionele wiskunde en wetenskap CD’s vanaf graad RR tot Gr.12.

Educational Box Company (2019)
Nicolene Steyn
071 671 8718
Opvoedkundige Aktiwiteitsbokse vir kleuters.

Enzi Chair (2019)
083 987 4447
The Enzi Chairs are designed to sit up to the height of an average family table for meals, any table related activities and homework. With its height adjustable seat and footrest, it ensures your child’s back and feet are supported putting an end to slouching and dangling feet. Enzi Chairs are made of solid beech wood and can be used until 10 – 12 yrs of age.

EQ4kIDS (2019)
Melanie Enslin
076 576 9594 / 082 545 2126
Emosionele intelligensie ontwikkelings program vir kinders ouderdom 3 – 18 jaar.

Footprints On Our Land (2019)
Wendy Young
082 901 8686
Footprints On Our Land offers homeschooling families 3 different programs for ages 4 – 16 years. We use a Charlotte Mason styled living books curriculum to help you teach.

Future Managers (Pty) Ltd (2019)
Clint Zanninello
021 462 3572 / 071 865 6099
Educational Textbook Publisher.

Grace and Truth Co-op (2019)
Michelle Cantrell
078 685 4382
We are a community of homeschooling famiklies who meet weekly in Johannesburg to give our children a classical Christian education.

HeartGuardian (2019)
Shanelle Da Costa
079 358 9952
HeartGuardian is your South African Online Homeschooling Community that provides the following services: Cambridge Consultations, Assessments and Seminars across South Africa. Retailer of Cambridge Curriculum text books. Advertising and business locator’s platform and listing of local events in your area.

Impaq (2019)
Marike Becker
082 510 5519
Impaq provides a comprehensive set of educational products based on a CAPS aligend curriculum for Grades R- 12 in English and Afrikaans. Our curriculum and related solutions are designed to enable individualised learning and are used to educate learners at home.

Imperial International College (2019)
Shane Drower-Copley
011 465 6049 / 083 694 1368
Imperial International College (IIC) is an online learning institution that offers comprehensive support to students wishing to write their International GCSE and AS-Level qualifications, which are recognized by tertiary institutions worldwide. We are not a registered Cambridge center however our courses are all aligned to their syllabi and fully prepare students for their final International GCSE and AS-Level examinations.

inkSMART (2019)
Zelda Pretorius
082 851 8892
Verkope van robotika/opvoedkundige speelgoed. Sales of robotics/educational toys.

Jade Education (Singapore Maths) (2019)
Lord Kgope
011 264 2425 / 072 338 8843
We are the official distributors of Singapore Maths, English and Science books in South-Africa. We also distribute teaching Manipulatives/ recourses.

Knowledge Thirst Media CC (2019) 
Karabo Pholla
011 702 3332 / 083 979 8273
Books supplier – Math, Science and English.

Buggy for Books with The Book People (Learning curve.) (2019)
Cheryl Chilton
083 676 4153
Children’s book’s education materials.

Learning Mates (2019)
Kirsten Friedericksen
083 553 5307
Early learning, reading and writing tools.

Love2Learn Curriculum (2019) 
Marc Ries
011 465 6049 / 083 222 6031
Our paramount goal is to bring life to learning as we equip families and educators to raise children of good character, who are fully empowered with 21st CENTURY SKILLS – critical thinkers and problem solvers – able to take their place in the world of today – and of tomorrow. Maturing into Godly men and women of faith and love, who seek justice and love mercy; the hope-bearers committed and equipped to create a better world, a people set apart for God’s purposes!

Melanie Smit/ Theresa Kruger (2019) 
Melanie Smit
082 218 9915
Boeke van Qualibooks en Lapa uitgewers

MuziKidz (2019)
Heidi Kluever
083 385 2944
Kwaliteit musiekklasse vir kinders van 1-7 jaar.

My Afrikaanse Avontuur (2019)
Rosa Scheepers
074 836 7541
Afrikaanse leer lees-en skryfprogram. Geskiedenis in Afrikaans

NB Publishers a Division of media 24 Pty Ltd (2019)
Henk Viljoen
021 406 3033 / 082 565 5145
NB uitgewers het 7 drukname. Ons is verspreiders van fiksie, skool boeke en Pharos woordeboeke.

Nukleus Onderwys (2019) 
Lezanne Conradie
016 931 1727
Nukleus Onderwys bied ‘n afstandsonderrig pakket van Graad R tot 12 aan wat leerders ondersteum om die Nasionale Senior Sertifikaat eksamen suksesvol te slaag.

Oakfields College (2019)
Samantha-Jo Hampton / Christina Rhodes
012 361 0416 / 074 271 1035
We offer tertiary education (post matric). Courses we offer include: Animation, Drama, Film, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, Make up and Special Effects, Marketing Management, Musical Theatre and Dance, Photography, PR and Event Management, Sound Engineering.

Oxford University Press South Africa (2019) 
Danielle Carls / Ndileka Stuurman
021 596 2300 / 079 606 2602
Leading publisher of textbooks, dictionaries, atlases, readers, study guides and other learning and teaching material in print and digital format.

Pearson South Africa (2019) 
John Mahlangu
011 080 5400 / 082 330 5044
Educational resources.

Parent & Educational Training (PET) (2019) 
Vee Cowie
082 336 8201
Parent & Educational Training is the South African representative of Gordon Training International. We offer communication skills training to parents, teachers, youth, and individuals seeking better relationships with their children, partners, friends, or colleagues.

Pestalozzi Trust (2019)
Karin van Oostrum
012 330 1337 / 082 826 2676
Regsfonds vir Tuis-en Gemeenskapsonderwys: ‘n Geregistreerde weldaadsorganisasie wat die regte en belange beskerm van sy lede, wat kinders in tuis- en kleinskoolonderwys opvoed. Vir die nodige inligting, ondersteuning en gemoedsrus.

Pure Life Education (2019)
Riani de Vries
079 331 1838
Switched on education, online curriculum.

Radikids School of Sound (2019) 
Soekie Krog
082 905 8879
Ons verskaf Multimedia hulpmiddels vir gesinne om kinders geestelik te laat groei.

SA Memory Institute (2019)
Jaco van Vuuren
021 979 2225 / 084 575 8753
Learning and life skills and study methods.

SA Toy Trade (2019)
083 295 5375
We supply all the educational Products and toys your child need.

SeeBlocks (2019) 
Mardine Kok
087 230 0134 / 082 306 6586
Together with our groundbreaking SeeBlocks system for building electronic circuits, we offer an online course with award-winning content teaching Electronic and Electrical technology in an easy-to-follow way.

The Book Connection (2019)
Lindie Bull
084 500 2256
Distributors of Institute for Excellence in Writing, All about Reading, All About Spelling, Classical Academic Press, Life of Fred and books.

Tracey Howard (2019) 
Tracey Howard
083 630 6005
Tutor Programmes for Cambridge IGCSE Accounting and Checkpoint Mathematics.

Theocentric Christian Education (2019)
Sharon Arbuckle
079 498 8070
Structured curriculum based on the bibical Christian worldviewe. User fiendly. Leads to Cambridge qualification in Gr. 11 – 12.

Think Digital College (2019)
Vicky Moraitis
082 441 3374 / 012 998 1472
Digital education from Grade R-12. CAPS or Cambridge. CAPS available in English and Afrikaans.

Technic Kidz (Pty) Ltd (2019)
Nicky du Plessis
012 543 0511 / 083 414 3888
Rekenaar IT Boekie in Afr en of Eng Grade 4 tot 7.

Turn2Learn (2019) 
Christo Lombard
012 333 5136 / 082 922 7887
Opvoedkunde heelbrein leer hulpmiddels.

Tydlyn (2019)
Willem van Heerden
082 824 3190
Geskiedenis tydlyn in Afrikaans en Engels.

Xperiland (2019)
Anna-Marie de Beer
082 921 9094
Wetenskap curriculum.